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Our main goal with the site is to provide great content to the people, and to share widely.  Most of our content is licensed under the YouTube Standard License or other licenses, which allow us to embed the videos, and we claim no ownership to such content.

Recommending Content

If you would like your content to featured on this website, or have suggestions for content you think we should feature, please use our contact form to tell us about it.

We have pretty high standards about what we post on the website, so keep that in mind when submitting suggestions.  Some of our standards include:

  1. The video or content must be something we enjoyed and think our visitors will enjoy.
  2. We only want to post content that appears to be authorized by the original author.  For example, there is a lot of great Tony Robbins videos other there, but unless it is posted on a channel that appears to be authorized to post it, we are reluctant to add it to out site.
  3. It shouldn’t be promotional in nature.  This is an educational website, not an advertising website.

Content Owners Requesting Content Revisions or Links

As the content owner, we would be happy to hear from you and update the descriptions or about the author boxes to your liking. including information about the video, about yourself as the content creator, and any other related information relevant to the video.

We think you should benefit from the content you posted on YouTube, so if we can assist, we will try to accommodate all reasonable requests.


We currently do not accept advertising, although in the future we probably will.

No Paid Links

Under no circumstances will we accept any offers for paid links.  Google hates them, and so do we.  So don’t even bother asking.

Later we will offer advertising, but any links will be labelled as an ad and have rel=nofollow tags on them.

Content Removal & Alternatives

We post content from YouTube and other video websites that allow us to embed your videos.  While we take great care in trying to post what we think are official or authorized versions of content, we sometimes may make a mistake.

As the content owner, you have a couple choices.

  1. You can login to YouTube and turn on advertising, and make money every time someone views your video and clicks on an ad (even when it appears on our website).
  2. You can contact us and ask us to include some advertising on the pages with your content.
  3. You can contact us and ask us to remove the video, but that only removed it from our website, and allows countless other websites out there with your content.

If you decide to ask for your content to be removed, while we would prefer your contact us so we can update our website, you also must contact the video streaming website (such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) that is actually hosting your content, and ask that it be removed there.

If you posted the content, then you should login to YouTube (or other video website) and disable embedding.  This will prevent anyone from embedding your videos (including yourself).  If your intent was to only allow yourself to embed the videos, then hosting your own videos is a better choice, since the whole purpose of YouTube is to share your videos.

Regardless of the route you choose, as content creators ourselves, we support the rights of content creators.

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